Top 3 Player in F1

At the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix this weekend, Lewis Hamilton won the flag with the lights, number 19 in his career, equaling his hero Ayrton Cena's record. It losing sixth place, Nico Hulkenberg's Formule 1 News career came to an end, and Walter Botas took fourth place behind the grid.

It wasn't the most exciting race - far from it - but it ended a great season. But which driver shines one? Who proved they are at the top of their game? Well, in our opinion, there are the ten best F1 drivers of 2019.

1. Lewis Hamilton:

Like a great wine, Lewis Hamilton gets better with age. Well, it wasn't the first season of 2018 when he barely put the wheel out for 11 wins and 11 wins on the way to the fifth title. It has been brutal this year to claim the sixth championship behind Michael Schumacher's record with its entry.

But to date, with just five poles of Mercedes, Hamilton has found a way to win 11 Grand Prix. That's the decent thing to do, and it should end there. Hamilton's race skills have been exceptional as he seems to be one step ahead of his rivals in overcoming the power shortages of his car on the spot compared to Ferrari and Red Bull.

The rules and regulations did not change in 2020, and with its enthusiasm burning faster than ever before, the competition for Schumacher's all-time likeness is insight.

2. Max Verstappen:

A great Red Bull young Dutchman Max Verstappen’s campaign, which often exceeds the car's performance, was a resounding success. Renault welcomed its new power unit partner Honda after years of torment and failure. Verstappen won three great victories - only Hamilton and Botas won more -, and he was on the podium six times extra, helping him finish third in the driver's position.

The recklessness that had previously plagued the Stuarts on this occasion and angered his peers was no longer evident, as does the growing maturity behind the wheel.

If Honda's improvement continues unabated until next season, then with the team's undoubted design glasses, led by the unbeaten Adrian Navy, Versatile Hamilton and Mercedes will inevitably win this year. It will be run much closer to the issue.

3. Charles Leclerc:

A tough call for a runner-up spot between Charles Leclerc and Verstappen as Monogasic, 22, faced a four-time champion teammate challenge at Sebastian Vettel. At times, it has been a battleground, as the young showman has tried to prove himself worthy of being the youngest driver in the Ferrari race, compared to the experience of winning the Veterans title and know. Of Ulrick moved on to his job, 24 points ahead of Vettel in the standings, as well as dismissing Germany, and scoring more runs, and winning.

An understanding of hate has followed his intra-team feud. He collided with Nader in Brazil when they both collapsed after the collision. Leclerc, however, has proved that he is not a push, which is the hallmark of a future champion.